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Angle of Parallelism

 What Does a Music Producer Do Anyway?

a brief account of production techniques used in Strawberry Fields

Sgt. Pepper 1/5 (about Strawberry Fields from 5:50)


Sgt. Pepper 2/5 (about Sgt. Pepper from 5:27, Lucy in the Sky from 9:03)


Sgt. Pepper 3/5 (5:33 role of producer)


Sgt. Pepper 4/5 (3:44 -5:24 steam organ atmosphere / 6:49 odd time signatures, sound effects and the impact on the time it took to produce in this way)


Sgt. Pepper 5/5 (1:00 Day in the Life – tape echo and from 3:30 production ideas to join two separate songs into one)


Interview with Geoff Emerick – engineer for Sgt. Pepper:

brought in as a young engineer because he’d have “no preconceptions about how to record something” (2:15)

general production aesthetic, as there’d be no tour – create sounds with no pressure or ability, with the technology at the time, to re-produce live (7:22)


First backwards solo on “I’m only sleeping”, threading a ‘tail out’ reel of tape onto a machine as if it were ‘head out’ made it play backwards, they recorded random parts against it then turned it over to play it forwards. If that doesn’t make sense – read up on tape based analogue recording 🙂 (from 5:28 – 6:09)




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