Week 1 – Reminders

Here are a few notes to remind you of what we covered in week 1:

Overview – portfolio – 2 assessments + blog (weighted 40/40/20).

Submit your assessments on audio CD or flash drive / memory stick + cover sheet. Clearly label your CD with the module title, your student ID number and your blog address.

Use a CD wallet with a self-adhesive backing and stick to the back of the cover sheet, or alternatively, sellotape the plastic wallet (containing your CD) to the back of the coversheet.


NB: A CD must accompany the cover sheet when you submit to the i-centre:

Submit this to the i-Centre of the Cambridge Campus before 2pm on Friday 16 December, 2016.

All the information you need about this module is on this blog/site. The VLE is linked back to here

Contact me when ever you need clarification on anything we’ve covered, no matter how simple, obvious or silly you think your question might be – email: gareth.stuart@anglia.ac.uk…NB: I don’t have ‘office hours’ so this is the way to contact me when I’m not in college on Wednesday and Thursday.

Contact the module leader Paul.Rhys@anglia.ac.uk with issues you’d rather not discuss with me or for college procedures I may not be familiar with as a part-time lecturer.

The technician – simon.smith@anglia.ac.uk has all his contact info on the door of room Hel 041.

Studio availability 9am-10pm seven days a week. Security lock up at 11pm, so don’t over-run.

Door code given out in class

Sign up for a blog NOW and email me your blog address NOW – only use WordPress – it’s the most efficient way I can track your blogs and comment on them i.e. give you ‘formative feedback’ through the semester. All info for this is on the closed Facebook group: ARU Recording Techniques S1 2016-17

For detailed info of what I want for each assessment, see:

Assessment 1 and Assessment 2




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