Studio & Location Recording


The bright and airy control room + recording booth with great views, make for a calm, relaxed and creative working environment.

All recording, editing, mixing and mastering processes are delivered with precise, professional efficiency based on 30 years studio experience and the best tools for the job.

Equipped with Avid’s Pro Tools Ultimate 2020.11 running on Mac OS X Catalina 10.15.7 with the UAD Apollo 16 interface an extensive range of plug-ins, Dynaudio Air 25 monitoring, Focusrite ISA 828 and Mackie Onyx 800-R mic pres, a Brauner VM1 valve vocal mic, Neve 1073 DPX x 2 channel mic-pre / equalizer (with digital i/o card) – world class results are achievable.

In addition we have a great range of studio mics by Sennheiser, Neumann, AKG and Shure and a Hear Back foldback system by Hear Technologies allowing musicians to control/balance their own headphone mix.

The studio is split between a large control room and acoustically dampened booth.  For live recordings the booth is typically used to record drums, with the remainder of the band setup in the control room.  The booth is otherwise used to record vocals, voice-overs, acoustic instruments / acoustic ensembles, or to ‘track’ and separate loud amplifiers.


Full multitrack Pro Tools Ultimate location recording anywhere in the UK – ideal for capturing your performance in your chosen acoustic / venue.

Location recording is ideal for self-balancing ensembles and therefore perfect for ‘classical’recording, but it’s also great for electro-acoustic and bands – especially for catching that live ‘vibe’ and atmosphere.

All editing and balancing is taken care of in the studio, creating a CD master ready for duplication.