Why you should attend

1. You’re paying

2. You learn and develop valuable and transferrable skills

3. It’s not a distance learning course, so……

…..while I’ve posted a lot of detail on the blog for both assessments, you MUST attend to absorb 100% of the detail. Your participation is essential, as is sharing information or immediately bringing to my attention instructions which aren’t clear (to you). While I have a ‘pretty good grasp’ of the subject – I own and run a commercial recording studio (established 1986), I wouldn’t claim to know everything there is to know about the subject – this is where your ‘challenges’ and ‘provocations’ (see video below) are essential; collectively, we stand a much better chance of enhancing the learning experience.

I’m suggestion ‘provocation’ as a useful creative tool as defined by Edward De Bono. In this very brief YouTube video, he talks about provocation from 2:38



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