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  1. Hi Gareth,

    Its looking like i have lost my files for the remix but im going to try my best to re do the remix. I also wanted to know what the website was we had to create the blog on? Ive lost some of my info.

    The blog was registered with sketch.music@live.co.uk if you could let me know the website and any info on it that would be great.

    Thanks A lot
    Barry Saunders

  2. Hi Barry, appreciate your work on re-creating the remix. Regarding the blog, either sign up for a new blog at wordpress.com or stick with the one you’ve already registered, don’t understand what website you’re asking for. The info I’m looking for on your blog are x4 photos of the stereo mic techniques used, ideally x 4 sound clips embedded of those techniques and a table with info on the techniques – listing the mic’s polarity, whether a spaced or coincident pair, the angle of the mics an whether the stereo is derived through time of arrival or level difference. If you could also include a screen shot of your mixer for MS – clearly showing how you’ve set up the matrix, so much the better. Talk soon, Gareth.

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